Sharkplotter Info

“SharkPlotter” is a companion program the SharkTuner Mk-2 for the Porsche 928. The purpose of SharkPlotter is to assist with the review of data that was logged from SharkTuner and to provide some tools for further optimization of fuel and ignition tuning. It provides plots of AFR vs. MAF load and RPM for the LH processor, plots of knock events vs. load and RPM for the EZK, and the ability to manually or automatically adjust the LH and EZK maps for the best “fit” with the data and review the results.

The simplest use of Sharkplotter is to go for a drive and log data with the SharkTuner, then take the data home and review it. And then, if needed, make adjustments to the maps over the conditions that were encountered. Changes can either be made manually (in the same fashion as adjusting a SharkTuner map) with the effects shown on the plot, or automatically optimized against a table of desired AFR values. Knock events can also be displayed and related to fuel status, and ignition timing can be retarded as necessary either manually or automatically.

The basic SharkPlotter window is shown below. The main window area is a color-coded AFR plot on a grid that matches the LH correction map, engine load (SharkTuner’s “MAF signal/absolute”) vs. RPM. Air/fuel ratio is shown as color, from yellow as too rich through green and blue (stoich) to purple and red as too lean. The plot is scaled to actual MAF and RPM values, with each grid-square represents a LH adjustment “cell” (hence the irregular grid).

For more info, see the Sharkplotter manual on the downloads page or click here.